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A thread on an Amazon forum that I’d asked to be updated on burst into life last week and gave me pause for thought.  I’d originally signed up because in the US it seems you can lend a book you’ve downloaded on your Kindle to another Kindle user.  (Though you can only do this once and do not have access to said book while it’s out on loan).

I was wondering whether this service is available here (it seems it’s not) so I signed up just in case anyone found a way of doing this.

The comments ranged far and wide into Amazon’s business model (that could be the subject of a whole new post), with one faction pursuing the line that  lending physical books is so last century and that online discussion is the way forward and the other faction suggesting that being able to recommend and lend books is central to their reading experience.

It did make me think about whether reading is the solitary activity I had always assumed it to be or whether as social animals, we have a basic need to promote our favourite reads.

So is reading a private or social experience ? Is to read, to recommend?  Or should we all just Carry on Kindling ?