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(I’ve deliberately avoided using the name of the market leader which is fast becoming a noun in the same league as Hoover)

When I was given an eReader two Christmases ago I thought that I’d use it primarily for holiday reading.  At that point I only downloaded books for the Reading Group as a last resort as I love the feel of real books.

But over the last year or so my reading habits have definitely changed.  When we decide a new reading list I check whether the book is available electronically and if it is I hold off getting it till the week before we’re due to read it as I like it fresh in my mind for discussion.

I’ve also gradually adopted bits of the technology that I originally thought were pointless.  For example there are 4 different colours to highlight important passages.  I thought that was all a bit OTT but now find it very useful to differentiate a pivotal moment from a particularly well-written passage. (I’ve also introduced pink for the cheese factor!)  As I never sit down and read a book straight off it’s good to be able to easily refresh my memory on significant passages before I continue reading.  The ability to check where characters previously appeared (hat tip Louise) is also very useful especially in a book like Life after Life.

So while I would never want to abandon reading from real books, and we have to use real books  with forgotten gems like the upcoming Elizabeth Jenkins’ work The Tortoise and the Hare, it is interesting to take a more techie approach and widen the reading experience.  Please add your thoughts on the debate.