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For a whole variety of reasons noone was able to come to the reading group last Tuesday and so here is a quick review so that the chosen read, which was outside our usual terrain, does not sink without trace .

After reading Michael Lewis’s The Big Short will you understand the causes of the recent financial crash ? Possibly, though I think Vince Cable’s The Storm sets it out more clearly. Will you know the identities and back stories of all the key players who called it right ? – you certainly will. So on a human interest level this is a fascinating read. Western capitalism was brought to its knees by hubris and groupthink. These individuals saw it all happening and were able to think outside the box (so they weren’t affected by the groupthink at least). When their bets started to come good Wall Street clammed up and pretended otherwise, and then one domino too many fell…. and the rest is history. Richly detailed and riveting though I’m not sure I truly got it all of the time.