As today is 11 November it seems fitting to reblog this post from Vulpes Libris. Also useful with our Thomas Hardy poetry evening coming up on 25 November.

Vulpes Libris

Edited by Tim Kendall


“There are strange Hells within the minds War made …”

Ivor Gurney.


Up until very recently had anyone asked me to recommend just one book of First World War poetry, it would have been Dominic Hibberd and John Onions’ The Winter of the World.  Arranged in the chronological order in which the poems were written, it shows the ebb and flow of patriotism, anger and disillusionment throughout the war, with idealism and bitterness often shoulder to shoulder, depending on the poet, their personal experiences and the stage the war had reached.

Tim Kendall takes a different approach. In Poetry of the First World War the poems are collected together by author, and the authors then listed chronologically by date of birth.

Thus, whilst the first poem in Hibberd and Onions’ book is Robert Bridges’  “Wake up, England!” …

Thou careless, awake!
Thou peacemaker, fight!

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