After last night’s discussion of the superb Nora Webster, I was looking for something with an Irish theme. I came across this totally unrelated blog on a subject we’ve alluded to in the past. How do we form our reading tastes ? (for further thoughts have a look at Linda Grant’s I murdered my library

This weekend I was doing my ‘Great Wardrobe Changeover’ – swapping my winter clothes for my summer clothes (I’m not the only one who does this, am I?!) and having a little hoke about in the attic at the same time.

So, when a came across a box with the label ‘MY CHILDHOOD BOOKS – KEEP!’, there was no way I was leaving it in the attic. I have no idea how long these books have been up there, probably for the 14 years since we moved in to our house, but I couldn’t resist a peek to see what treasures I had!


In between a copy of Heidi, The Diary of Ann Frank and The Secret Garden the main thing that was clear from this haul was that  I was a BIG Enid Blyton fan. My old copies of The Twins at St Clare’s and Mallory Towers were there…

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