Upcoming Reads

September 2017

5th           Summer After The Funeral                 Jane Gardam  (Novella)

12th         Theme – Women Under Attack          suggested reading – “Les Parisiennes” –  Anne Sebba (Non-fiction)

19th         Poetry                                              U A Fanthorpe

24th         Exit West                                         Mohsin Hamid (Novel)

October 2017

3rd           The Little Black Book                           A S Byatt (Short Stories)

For those not able to read the whole book there is one story (A Stone Woman) published by the New Yorker available here online http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2003/10/13/a-stone-woman

10th         Theme – Books associated with an emotion eg Angry Young Men

17th         Poetry                                              Louis Macneice – Selected Works (specific collection published by Faber)

24th         My Mother’s House                            Colette (Novel)

31st         Tenth Anniversary Meal

November 2017

7th           The High Place                                 Fiona McFarlane (Short Stories)

14th         Theme – Memorable Feasts of Famines in Literature

21st         Poetry                                              Helen Dunmore

28th         Passing                                            Nella Lauren (Novel)

December 2017

5th           Persephone Book of Short Stories

for those not able to read the whole book Roman Fever by  Edith Wharton is available on Scrbd and can be downloaded here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/187259815/ROMAN-FEVER-by-Edith-Wharton

12th         Theme – Favourite Mythical/Magical/Iconic character in a book

19th         Poetry                                               Daljit Nagra

January 2018

9th           Theme – Titles that spring out at you

16th         Planning

23rd        What a Carve Up                                   Jonathan Coe (Novel)





4 thoughts on “Upcoming Reads”

  1. christine pickard said:

    Looks great. Thanks for putting in the effort.

  2. Well done, Christine and Christine. A lovely list which I look forward to tackling

  3. Great list – thanks to those who organised.

  4. Lovely set of reading – looking forward to it all! Well done, planning group

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