Upcoming Reads



23 Jan        What a Carve Up                                   Jonathan Coe (Novel)

30 Jan:      5th Tues and therefore meal – any suggestions? Offers to organise? My suggestion is Masaniello in Twickenham but happy for others! Maybe somewhere in Richmond preferred.
6 Feb: (Poetry) Nancy Campbell, just appointed Canal Laureate, see this link:

13 Feb: (Novel) Josephine Tey: BRAT FARRAR

20 Feb: (Theme) Classics Revisited (what classic do you think should be reread?)
27 Feb: (Short Stories) Elizabeth Bowen short stories (no particular collection)
6 Mar: (Poetry) Poems about weather
13 Mar: (Novel) Barbara Vine: A FATAL INVERSION
20 Mar: (Theme) Desert Island Book Choice – if you were on Desert Island Discs
what would be your one book you’d choose to take?
27 Mar: (Short stories) Penelope Lively: THE PURPLE SWAMP HEN AND OTHER STORIES
3 Apr: (Poetry) Favourite poet – who’s yours?
10 Apr: (Novel) William Boyd: SWEET CARESS
17 Apr: Planning





4 thoughts on “Upcoming Reads”

  1. christine pickard said:

    Looks great. Thanks for putting in the effort.

  2. Well done, Christine and Christine. A lovely list which I look forward to tackling

  3. Great list – thanks to those who organised.

  4. Lovely set of reading – looking forward to it all! Well done, planning group

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