Upcoming Reads

4.   All the Light We Cannot. See. – Anthony Doerr  (Novel)
11.  Booksellers and Bookshops – Theme
17. Ted Hughes – River (Specific poetry collection)
25.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez: STRANGE PILGRIMS (short stories)
2.    Elizabeth Strout: OLIVE KITTERIDGE (novel)
9.    WRITERS FROM HULL (theme). This is to connect with Hull being the UK City of Culture this year and its many famous writers,
including: Philip Larkin, Stevie Smith, Andrew Marvell, Roger McGough, Andrew Motion
16.   Sharon Olds: STAG’S LEAP (poetry)
23.   William Boyd: THE DESTINY OF NATHALIE X (short stories)
30.   Meet for meal. (There was no suggestion about where or who to organise but Kay is happy to do it this time and wondered if the new Ivy Cafe opening soon on the old All Bar One site in Richmond would be a good place to try. It’s obviously very convenient for everyone. But she’s also happy for alternative suggestions!)
6.    Sarah Dunant: SACRED HEARTS (novel)
13.  (Theme) – Book we’ve most often lent – and why.
20.  Margaret Atwood: EATING FIRE: Selected Poetry 1965-1995 (poetry)
27.  K J. Orr: LIGHT BOX STORIES (short stories)
4.    Sinclair Lewis: IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE (novel)
11.  (Theme): House as a character; when a house plays a prominent role in a book.
18.  (Poetry) The poetry of Thomas Hardy – no particular collection
25.  Planning
We assumed there would be no meeting in August, as in the previous couple of years, and that our next meeting after 25 July would be the first Tuesday in September.





3 thoughts on “Upcoming Reads”

  1. Well done, Christine and Christine. A lovely list which I look forward to tackling

  2. Great list – thanks to those who organised.

  3. Lovely set of reading – looking forward to it all! Well done, planning group

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